ANTEM DOHNA Glittering 3.0g (3.1 cm)


Product Code:code-483


Japanese Holocaust profits give ANTEM (Angler z System) at the head in its arsenal of rocking catch trout. Long tilts of ANTEM have been a secret weapon of athletes trout fishing in closed waters and provide them win a lot of tournaments. Klatunite ANTEM feature excellent flight characteristics and the ability to run on ultra-low speed . Thanks to their particular game they are leading lures to catch fish passive greater distance. ANTEM are designed for trout, but these conditions give excellent results in catching maple, perch, whitefish and pike.


The color palette of the series DOHNA covers all the preferences of trout, depending on season, weather, daylight and transparency of the water. The great variety of colors combined with irresistible oscillating shares, even at very slow download and collapse . Series GL (GLITTERING) is distinguished by a unique Flash and is designed for predators with all rate activity . With smaller weights than the top layer can oblavyate and bottom with a very slow download and even breaks.

Made in Japan!

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