DECOY T-3 Shrink Tube

Brand: DECOY

Product Code: code-1496


A heat-shrinkable tube ideal for protecting and strengthening the root of the assist hook. Workability is good because it easily shrinks with a dryer, making it ideal for creating original assist hooks.

<Compatibility Table>
3.5mm Pike AS-03etc. # 1 ~ # 1/0 class
4.0mm: Pike AS-03etc. # 2/0 ~ #
3/0 class 4.5mm: Cutlass JS-2etc. # 2/0 ~ #
4/0 class 5.5mm: Cutlass JS-2etc. # 4/0 to #
6/0 class 6.5mm: Cutlass JS-2etc. # 6/0 to # 8/0 class
* The above compatibility table is only a guide. It may vary slightly depending on the assist line used, the thickness of the rooting, the cut length of the shrink tube, etc.

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