Brand: Gamakatsu

Product Code: code-1402

Weight: 0.02

Assist hook using "Single Hook 62 Vertical Heavy", a jigging hook exclusively for big fish, targeting amberjacks, tuna, and large groupers that weigh more than 10 kg with a tackle of 40 pounds or more.

◎ Point angle aiming for smooth hooking in deep jigging.
◎ Bend form that does not easily run out even in long-term fights.
◎ Needle point with excellent penetration performance and strength.
◎ "Flat striking" processing increases the strength of the foot roller.
◎ A "high-strength punching ring" that has the same strength as the hook's foot roller is used for the connection part.
◎ Corrosion resistance is greatly improved by "HYPER SHIELD" plating.

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