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EFG 1 3 1 Contains 23 essential ingredients , saturated with animal and fish protein , plus NORI < / strong>. Bait attracts the fish from the moment of impact with the water, demonstrated in all temperatures , and particularly good in the cold . Appeals to a broad spectrum of species, including all carp, bream and lin .

At first glance: Medium-sized food particles saturated with ocean and marine proteins and amino acids. Developed by a unique formula & bdquo; MARUKYU S seaweed NORI & rdquo ;. Ideal for feed and Method fishing. Mix 2: 1 without the sieving and after 5 minutes it is ready for use. Target species - carp, bream, lin, barbell and F1s . Nutritional value: HIGH. Solubility, dissolution medium speed mixing 2: 1.

How to get the best from EFG 1 31 : EFG 121 is of intermediate sized particles, specifically designed for quick release of the fragrance. Perfect for direct feeding method fishing and active paste hook. & nbsp ;

Unique Ingredients : Marukyu products have unique ingredients. The intelligent part is how they were mixed together to make exceptional baits consistently catch fish.

Algae NORI : NORI are seaweed, which are highly nutritious food when they are included in baits and baits. They are filled with vitamins, plant sterols and trace elements, as well as omega-3 and omega-6 oils. True extras, however, are a number of natural compounds that provide fish antibiotic and anti-virus protection - good for fishing and fish.

package is opening / closing type & bdquo; TIC TAC & rdquo; zip .

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