Brand: PALMS

Product Code:code-2934


Sinking, 11g, 100mm
The slow sink rate, derived from actual battles, is a balance that allows the body to rise to the surface or just below the water surface with a slow retrieve, while gaining flight distance that covers a wide range. Based on the body action with roll unique to Splasher, it boasts the potential to respond to a variety of situations, such as panic action in high speed ranges where small fish run away, and in extremely low speed ranges to appeal with a slight roll without shaking the silhouette. Not only can it be used to capture small baitfish, but it also supports drumstick patterns. It can be used in a variety of situations, from shallow water at knee-to-peach depths to rivers and small rocks. Tiny Splasher has a slender and short body that gives it a splasher appeal that leaves a trail on the water surface.

This is a new trump card for sea bass games.

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