Brand: TenRyu

Product Code: code-1928

Weight: 2.00

Being on top, real and very personal!

With a focus on Fishery inlets and major rivers .


SW88MLM (High Tension Dragger)

Designed for rough combat big fish like giant sea bass Basically used in major rivers and strong currents . Much traction of the form, with constant Maintenance and control of fishing line . Poluparabolichna action that reduces the burden on the fiber. Powerful form that resists the power of big fish.


SW83LML (Tidal Walker)

Effective Rod draft and crawl of rivers and inlets , heir to the SW83L .

TENRYU SW83LML is made of very light material for easy handling.

high modulus Carbon assist the angler to distant and accurate hauls.


SW 97 ML (Exceed of Distance)

Provides long casting in hard for fishing. Sensitive peak that softens sharp blows of fish caught. Enhanced rear and average part of the form which provides effective detection , even at a remote distance of the lure. TENRYU SW 97 ML is particularly suitable for fishing with metal jigs , large < strong> silicon and standard wobblers .




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