Brand: Ecogear

Product Code: code-2222

Weight: 0.03

DARTMAX squid Jig of ECOGEAR e designed by the multiple champion catch squid Takayoshi Oromoto . Completely generation , perfect and effective lure for squid. Head DARTMAX has a new shape, a thin and smooth, which reduces the resistance and enhances control . The lure seamless & bdquo; slide & rdquo; in the water and even allows keeping in style & bdquo; walk the dog & rdquo;, action that is unique for this type of jig-s. Cavities in the back of the body improve buoyancy , stabilize movement at collapse and raise the hooks , which prevents hanging on the bottom. Perfect posture of the bait as in download , and when collapse increases the chances of attacks. DARTMAX is made from resistant plastic , coated, cross napletena tissue. The hooks are high carbon steel , thin, sharp and with a perfect shape, which fails pecking. The range of new and exciting impressive holographic color help squider-but to adapt for different water conditions .

New series DARTMAX coated UV reagent.

In the deep zone in low light conditions such as early morning or muddy water, the standard color of the bait can be merged with the environment. UV light penetrates deep into the water reflected from the UV reagent and makes the bait & bdquo; visible & rdquo; !

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