Brand: Ecogear

Product Code: code-121

Weight: 0.01

BTS is the most attractive of all ECOGEAR soft baits type shad. The combination of realistic appearance and shape of the fish, with a rounded and & bdquo; greasy & rdquo; body makes to lure irresistible presence and resonance into the water. Its slow fluctuations make it more natural and desirable target for predators. BTS is effective for a wide range of carnivorous fish such as seabass, Rockfish, flatfish. perch, whitefish ..

Sn.1 The heavy and massive tail has a strong presence in the water. Precision balanced it atraktira bait and quickly and slowly keeping.

pic.2 slit belly hides the hook and facilitates more effective attachment.

Sn.3 Particularly effective BTS are TEXAS RIG and heads IWASHIna ECOGEAR. The combination TEXAS RIG is suitable for rocky and overgrown with roots places where the use of hard baits is almost impossible. BTS works well with the amount of hooks from # 2 to # 4.

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