PALMS Slow Blatt Cast UP SCU-10

Brand: PALMS

Product Code:code-3318


Slow Blatt Cast UP SCU-10, 10g, 52mm 

Fishing style "Shore Slow" of the jig, which is for the shore cast.
Slow Blatt Cast UP is a new specification that can aggressively attack the shoals.
The polygonal body has adopted the small gravity of Z Light Metal material and moves in all directions, at certain times and UP. Compact silhouette with low specific gravity and versatile movement, animated as a three-dimensional rotation, which is a new style in fishing.
The weight balance of Slow Blatt Cast UP is located almost in the center, providing a stable flight and a long distance casting.
Slow Blatt Cast UP is available with DECOY hooks - nose assist couple and single tail assist.

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