VANFOOK MJW-05 MJ assist Wire Twin


Product Code: code-2020

Weight: 0.02

Wire Assist Series for Small Jigs

Best to use for teethy fish game such as Spanish Mackerel, Flounder, etc. Endures against unexpected strikes by large one due to heavy shaft hook is on this model. Using the hybrid wire – Keplart Metal GX* (100Lb.) from YGK that it is hard to get kinked due to it has enough strength and flexibility. Presentation of twin assist (MJW-05) and single assist (MJW-06).

*Keplart Metal GX (made by YGK) The assist cord which metal has braided to fiber. It can perform strength of the metal in flexibility of the fiber and assures high abrasion-resistant for the best use in teethy fish game.

Color: Silver

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